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Should you wish to apply to our agency you are welcome to select the “Become a Model” button and follow the instructions on the page to submit your application. Once the application has been received our agents will assess your look and see how they can assist you with opportunities. Should they feel that your current look is marketable in the industry, they will contact you to schedule an appointment to come and meet with them.

Only the best 6 photographs should be submitted to the agency.

2 portrait (close-up)

A head shot – a picture from the shoulders up. This is the most important shot. It shows your personality, what you look like.

2 full length and 2 three quarter length photographs 

These are the body shots where your personality can shine through. These pictures show what kind of shape you are in, how tall you are. The pictures can be fashion print, commercial print, catalogue, advertising, editorial.

Note: Please do not submit any selfies.

Please dress appropriately but casually for your interview. If you are already an established model or actor, please bring your portfolio book, head shots, body shots, resume and demo reel if available. If you are just getting started and have some photos, bring what you have. If you have not yet worked as a model or actor, please bring several (2 or 3) printed photos. These can be random photos from vacations or family events. The goal is to see how photogenic you are & there’s always room for scope.

Remember to always include your basic measurements with your photos. If you are male, your measurements must include your height, chest, waist, hair color and eye color. If you are female your measurements must include your age, height, bust, waist, hips, hair color and eye color.

If you are blessed with good looks and a great body it is always an advantage and gives you a head start. Perfect skin, good teeth, lustrous hair, lotus shaped eyes are assets for those looking forward to a modeling career. Being photogenic is one of the most important qualities to become a model. For ramp modeling, a toned, well-proportioned body is required.

Males have to stand at least 5’11” and females need a minimum height of 5’6″ for Ramp Modelling.

But even if your looks aren’t the “perfect 10”, there are still a large number of modeling opportunities available. For print Ads, Television commercials, Serials and Movies models with day to day looks are in vogue.

Good communication skills are very important as it shows your level of confidence. A positive attitude will help you in the long run. Also, initial failures and rejections should be treated as stepping stones to success. Always be professional under any circumstances.

Your portfolio is the most important tool to launch you in the modeling industry. It should consist of a series of photographs taken ONLY by a professional fashion photographer. Only the best 6 photographs should be submitted to the agency. 2 portrait (close-up), 2 full length and 2 three quarter length photographs should ideally be submitted. Mostly selection for an assignment is based on your photographs. So go in for as many variations as possible. However, care should be taken only your features are highlighted rather than the photographer’s artistry.

Once the photographs are submitted to MODCAST, we shall contact you with regards to any assignment. you will have to go to the studio and meet the concerned person as instructed by the agency. Modcast shall charge the client and pay you after deducting its commission.

Selection is based on your portfolio, so be very careful where you get it done from. There are plenty of high profile photographers in Mumbai. You can approach any one of them. But make sure you see samples of their work before committing yourself. Discuss in detail how they are going to style you and which costumes you shall be wearing on the shoot.

MODCAST has its own in house fashion photographers to assist you. we also have an in house designer and stylist who will design your entire look in sync with your personality. You could visit the agency and a model coordinator will guide you on the nature of the portfolio as per your looks.

No. MODCAST does not believe in stifling a model’s career by signing an exclusive contract with him. we only sign an M.O.U. which confirms he is a MODCAST model and will represent us when we recommend him for an assignment. A model is charged a commission only when MODCAST has cast him in a project

Most assignments usually take place in Mumbai. Ideally, we recommend you to set base in Mumbai for a few months initially. But if that is not possible, Modcast will get in touch with you when we have more than one assignment for you in hand. We shall then be informing you on the ideal date to arrive in Mumbai.